Flagstone Chips & Rainbow Canyon Gravels 

Replacing Lawn With Decorative Stone Can Save Up To 22 Gallons Of Water Per Square Foot!

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Why Choose Flagstone Chips?

Flagstone Chips products offer a cost effective, naturally beautiful, lasting and highly functional option for any of your outdoor projects.

Flagstone Chips provide up to twice the coverage per square foot as gravels due to its flat angular shape, making it very economical as a result.

Flagstone Chips are simply, beautiful stones.

Less product means less work.

Easy to walk on.

Excellent water mitigation (drainage).

Compacts better than any gravel.


Minimal tracking of material.

Flagstone Chips offer a surface you can roll, comfortably walk or set furniture on.  

Flagstone Chips Uses

Garden Pathway           Hot Tub Pad          Parking Area

Side House Pathway    Fire Pit                   Driveway

Mud/Water Mitigation   RV/Parking Pad     Dog Run

Patio/BBQ Area



Our product qualifies for LEED on environmentally friendly projects because of it's coverage and weight.


Ancient History of Flagstone Chips

Where do Flagstone Chips come from?

Flagstone Chips Comparisons

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