Flagstone Chips & Rainbow Canyon Gravels 

Replacing Lawn With Decorative Stone Can Save Up To 22 Gallons Of Water Per Square Foot!

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Installation Guide, 3/4-" Flagstone Chips Pathway:

1) Define Path:           Use a garden hose, string or paint to outline your path.

2) Prepare Area:         If the existing material is mulch or sod or other material that needs to be                                                 removed, go to step 3.  

                                     If you have existing gravel that you want to top and lock in place using the                                             flagstone chips, go directly to step 4.

3) Clear & CompactRemove sod using a sod cutter, be sure no mulch or organic material                                                      remains.

                                    Use a tamper or plate compactor to compact prepped area, use road base or                                        gravel to fill the gaps and/or any variations in your pathway and level                                                      as best you can, If you choose to use landscape fabric to block weeds, cut and                                      place it.

4) Border:                   If you are framing your path with a border like bender board or large rocks,                                            place those in place.                

5) Placement:            You can use a rough gravel or road base to fill the gaps and/or any variations in                                      your pathway, compact and level the surface and leave enough room for 2"                                            of Flagstone Chips.  

                                    Remember to consider whether the surface is compact and level when figuring                                      out how much material to use. 

                                  **Compact and level any gravel or soil prior to topping with Flagstone Chips. 

                                  **Gravel will help keep the pathway stable and provide additional permeability in                                        the path.

6) DO NOT RAKE:  Be careful not to spread the material with a rake with tines that are close                                       together...this helps the Chips perform at their best as it keeps the size                                                 variation fluent throughout the installation.

                                After dumping Flagstone Chips on the pathway area, carefully spread the                                              material using the back of a rake, a rake with tines that are far apart (landscape                                    rake, a hoe or a shovel. 

7.) Compact:          After the material is spread be sure to compact the pathway using a tamper or                                        plate compactor or your feet. Once the material is compacted you can wet the                                        pathway, Do Not Saturate, ensuring the fines have received light amount of                                          water and then allow the pathway to dry, undisturbed, for 24 hours.


  • At 2" of depth for Flagstone Chips, you will need 1 ton to cover 120 sq feet, 1 cubic yard small chips is approximately (2400lbs).
  • 2" is the recommended minimum amount of 3/4-" pathway material needed for a side yard pathway.
  • After compaction, 2" Flagstone Chips are equivalent to 3"+of regular gravel because of the flat angular shape of Flagstone Chips.