Flagstone Chips & Rainbow Canyon Gravels 

Replacing Lawn With Decorative Stone Can Save Up To 22 Gallons Of Water Per Square Foot!

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Flagstone Chips, A New Multi-Functional, Decorative Landscaping Rock You Will Love!

Flagstone Chips As Pathway, Decorative or a Natural Stone Alternative To Concrete:

     Pathways, **Driveways, RV Pad, Patio, Hot Tub Pad, *Stone Bark (Bark Alternative), Side            Yard, Around Garden Boxes, Garden Pathways, Areas With Water Issues (Mud Prevention).

     * Best used with drought tolerant plants   **It is not recommended to plow a Flagstone Chip surface

Places To View & Walk On Flagstone Chips

  • Jordan Water Conservation Park, Featured in the Rock Garden
  • Thanksgiving Point in Ashton Gardens
  • Topaz Museum, Delta
  • University of Utah Pathways at the Thatcher Building and Pioneer Garden
  • Lagoon Amusement Park, Pioneer Village
  • Wheeler Farm, Farmhouse Garden Pathway

Flagstone Chips (Crushed Flagstone) VS. Gravel (Crushed Rock)

  • No that is not dirt in your rock, it is actually stone dust (fines) from crushing the Flagstone! 
  • Due to their flat and angular shape, Flagstone Chips offer almost twice the coverage per square foot vs. gravels. 
  • The unique compression and binding ability of the small and medium sizes make Flagstone Chips an ideal concrete or gravel alternative.
  • Flagstone Chips compact giving the user a natural groundcover surface able to accommodate strollers, wheelchairs and your other wheeled needs; no more sinking wheels!
  • Walk with bare feet, roll or ride on driveways and pathways with comfort and ease.
  • Do you have an area that gets muddy? Because Flagstone Chips 3/4"- are pure stone they offer excellent drainage, minimal to no mud and a lasting useable surface suited for your many needs.
  • For maximum performance, Flagstone Chips must be installed as per our guidelines on the Flagstone Chips installation page.
  • Flat Flagstone Chips do not track or get stuck in your shoes like round gravels.
  • Gravels are round and will not offer the same benefits of the flat and angular Flagstone Chips, crushed flagstone.
  • All Products available in bulk, large or small bags.

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All quarry products are available in 1/2 cubic ft. bags for smaller projects, Varying sizes of Super Sacks, Delta pick up, self haul from any retail location or delivery directly to you!


All naturally mined materials have fines as a byproduct of crushing and screening.  Size is based on the size of the screens the rock is able to pass through, not a measurement of the rock.  The sizes listed may include some smaller and some larger pieces than the listed size.  

Crushed flagstone has a flat and angular shape which creates variation in sizes.  Our small size is approx. 3/4" and smaller, our medium size is approximately 3/4" up to 3", our large size is approximately 2" and larger.  Our stone is natural and colors may vary from load to load depending on the exact location it was mined from. 

Flagstone Chips are made from larger flagstone that is crushed and then screened.  Our finished product is primarily stone.  It is normal for our stone to include very small percentages of sand, silt and clay.  The rock can be rinsed or let rainstorms clean the dust off the rock to bring out the natural colors.